Relaxation house


Female only

Men cannot make reservations.

Health insurance is not applicable

I do not do medical treatment.
 It is a relaxation massage.

The owner cannot speak English.

The reservation is completed when
 the approval email arrives from
the reservation site.

Push the button


★Trial relaxation  Dry massage
 40 minutes 2500 yen

★Relaxation Dry massage
 60 minutes 3500 yen

★Relaxation oil massage
 60 minutes 4500 yen

★Free combination  Dry massage
 100 minutes 5000 yen

★Free combination oil  massage
 100 minutes 6000 yen

※Free choice of combination
・Dry massage or oil massage
・ Foot massage
・ Head massage
・ Infrared dome(Warm the body)
※Beautiful skin effect
※Metabolism up
※diet(Easy to burn fat)
※Cold sensitivity
※Has a relaxing effect

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